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Hotel and Restaurant Recommendations

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AGRICOM Conference



Call for Submissions


Invited Speaker

Final Programme and Documentation


Directions to Venue

Hotels & Restaurants



Recommended Hotels:

There are many good hotels in the area near the conference venue with competitive rates ranging from around €60 to €120 per night.


The following are two examples:


1) Minipalace Hotel

www.minipalacehotel.com - This hotel is close, practically in front of the university - 5 min walking distance or less to reach the university.


Single room - €60.00

Double room used as single room - €69.00 incl. breakfast


2) Residenza Nazareth (it is an ecclesiastic hotel)


About 25 min walking distance from the university (for the booking, please mention the University of Tuscia).


Single room - €35.00

Double room used as single room - €45.00

Double room - €60.00


Further hotels can be found via hotel booking services like booking.com or hrs.com.


Participants are kindly requested to book the hotel room themselves.



Recommended Restaurants:

Taverna Etrusca

Via Annio, 10, 01100 Viterbo, Italien

Tel: 0761226694



Ristorante Il Monastero

Via Fattungheri 8, 01100 Viterbo, Italien

Tel: 0761324346


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